My Style

In a word: “Genuine.”

I want to create images that look like your family and communicate who *you* are. My clients are looking for real smiles, and genuine connection.

Having four small children of my own, I feel completely at ease communicating with children, and getting them to laugh or smile naturally – or to give me a soulful glance.

I see the details and capture the natural interactions that you LOVE about your family…the things that you can’t quite put into words-but you never want to forget.

Tender moments, joyous moments, sometimes chaotic moments are what make up the best of life-and that is what I seek to bottle up for you to enjoy for years to come.

My style of photography captures the unique story of your family.

Clients repeatedly tell me that they love the way I capture the essence of who they are.

I achieve these images by intentionally finding the most *beautiful light*, and letting the family interact with simple instructions.

Traditional portraits (i.e. looking at the camera) are included in a session, but the bulk of my work is candid interaction.  It is in these moments where I am able to capture the closeness, and the relationships within a family as I see them unfold.

My main goal is to deliver one of a kind images that are artistic, and tell the specific story of your family.

If there is anything I value above anything else…its is time…I know how valuable it is…so thank you for sharing a little of yours with me here.

I hope you love the images you see. If you do, then please contact me for a pre-booking consultation. Based on the details you provide I will find out exactly what you are looking for and make sure we are the best fit. If I believe my photography style isn’t best for your needs I will tell you in advance. I would love to work with your family, but what’s most important to me is making sure you get the photos you love!